A Universal Solution for Plastic Pollution
Sara Laderas
Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : M 063 V

How can we recycle used plastics and turn them into useful house insulations that are able to block heat, wind and water? My goal with this project is to take advantage of small used plastic wrappers, while giving an opportunity for non-privileged people. This project makes house insulation out of free, scavenged plastic materials like wrappers, creating an affordable and environmentally friendly and inexpensive insulations, which I proved was able to block heat, wind, and water through my experiments. This project was able to find a solution on how we can make a difference for people who live in poor conditions and broken houses. It can contribute to the needs of people by protecting and insulating their houses. It can lessen the worldwide problem on plastic pollution. This will generate profitable income when turned in to a business by local people and will help them financially. I strongly believe that apart from being a major benefit for people, this project would additionally have a positive impact on the global environment and can save marine animals from consuming plastics since they do not recognize the difference between real food and plastics. This project can make our world a better, safer and cleaner place for everyone to live in.