Gabrielle Bourgault-Kennaley, Eve Parry
Collingwood School
Floor Location : M 082 N

Fish Fed is a brilliant innovation aimed at creating a safe, reliable, and comfortable environment for domesticated aquatic life that you can control directly from your smart phone. Our original idea was conceived when we ran into a problem: how to take care of our fish while away on vacation? Tablets for feeding ran out after a week and added waste to water, causing ammonia spikes that often required immediate water changes to keep fish healthy and alive. FishFed removes these stresses. The easy-to-use website gives even the most inexperienced with technology the power to control their aquarium in any scenario: from long periods of time while on vacation to just simplifying maintenance on a day to day basis while at home.

FishFed combines physical hardware to the internet and software displayed on your phone. We used components from the hardware creator company Arduino, and the web-app maker company WaveMaker to send and receive data between the two.The hardware is so simple, that when given website, code and instructions, even a sixth grader could build this from scratch. FishFed creates the connection between the physical world of maintaining your tank and the internet of things to bring a simple, cost-effective, reliable and innovative way to keep your pets safe.