Omega 3 is the Key
Kiran Dhanda, Tia Haughian
Stratford Hall
Floor Location : M 088 H

Skincare is an issue that many people struggle with. Whether they are infants, in their adolescence or are an adult, dry skin is an ongoing issue for 60-70 percent of our world population (Lowenstein). The problem of dry skin still remains to confound scientists. Although there have been multiple remedies made to resolve the issue, there are still many people who are not able to find the right product for their skin. Products such as face lotions have proven to be effective according to the U.S. Census data considering that 24.09 million Americans used facial lotions on a daily bases, on the other hand, however face masks can a large issue for people with sensitive and dry skin (Statista). A study conducted in 2010, concluded that more than one third of people tested had at least one allergic reaction to the face product, due to the artificial flavours and scents, causing many skin types are not suitable to use them (webmd). For this project, we wanted to investigate skincare, and create a natural, non-artificially scented product that would help the issue of dry skin. This experiment tested the effect of a fish oil (omega 3) face mask on the dryness of skin, as measured by a moisture meter. We hypothesized that if the fish oil mask is applied to the face, the dryness level will decrease. In order to test if the fish oil face mask was effective, we applied the mask to chicken skin before applying it to human subjects. As there were no ingredients that harmed or affected the chicken skin in a negative way based on the fact that the chicken skin did not dry out or have some type of unforeseen reaction to the fish oil based face mask, we were able to determine whether or product was safe to test on human skin. The results were very similar for the human test subjects. We found that the average moisture increased by 18%. In this experiment, we tested the short term results of the face mask, but the results for if the facemask had a long term effect on the moisture of the face will be presented at the regional science fair. From analyzing our results, we can see that in order to aid dry skin, fatty acids such as omega 3 need to be applied to the skin so the oils in the skin will be replenished and the dryness will disappear.