Shocking Plants!
Breanna Lu, Alison Lu
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 106 V

In modern day agriculture, farmers use artificial pesticides and fertilizers to synthetically accelerate the growth of their crops. Although these factors play a role in the enhancement of seed germination, they are expensive and detrimental to both human and environmental health.This experiment explores electroculture, a possible alternative path to accelerating plant growth through stimulation from electrical currents. We believe that through electrical stimulation, our experimental plants will hold greater rates of growth and plant heights in contrast to the controlled group. For our experiment, three experimental pots were given electrical stimulation over the course of 25 days for 5 minutes, whilst three other control pots were not given electrical stimulation each day. Our results displayed that the experimental pots that had received electrical stimulation grew more efficiently in comparison to those that had not been stimulated. To conclude, our initial hypothesis had been proven to be correct, illustrating that electroculture does indeed play a role in the aid of plant growth. Having found that this scientific phenomena truly enhances plant growth, we believe that this key information can be utilized to bring forth a new approach to the field of agriculture to pave the way to a healthier, happier, pesticide-free planet.