SonuBand-Alarm for the Deaf and the Hearing Impaired
Alexander Shen
St George's School
Floor Location : M 145 N

Over 5 % of our world’s population 360 million people have disabling hearing loss, including 70 million profoundly deaf people. There are current solutions but they are non-portable and need installation to connect with residential alarm system and are not suitable for travelling. They are a lot more expensive than other fire alarms. The low frequency sound only works for the hearing impaired because they can “feel” the sound. The blinking light function is not very effective because when you are asleep your brain won’t always lets the inputs through to you. Though some fire alarms like Deafgard is portable, it can only be used when sleeping because it uses a pillow vibrator. It’s bulky and costly as well. My solution is a portable solution that combines all three of the functions to notify the deaf or hearing impaired person. It can warn them when they are awake and asleep. Both of the systems have their benefits, but my system is better because of the following reasons. My system is something that you can use anywhere you go and anytime. It doesn’t just alert you when you are sleeping like many other systems. Also, it is comfortable and lightweight unlike the current systems in place to solve the problem. The other systems have are able to wake people up effectively and notify them if they are asleep, but they are not systems which can notify you when you are awake.