Molten Salt Thermoelectric Generator
Jane Dong, Robert Choi
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : S 043 E

One problem in society today is the growing need for alternative and renewable energies. A more recent technology that has come out of this is the thermoelectric generator, which can convert thermal energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Peltier tiles are a type of thermoelectric module which generate electricity from thermal energy. The main drawback of using Peltier tiles to produce electricity is that one side of the plate must constantly stay significantly warmer than the other side. This is a problem because a constant source of energy is required to maintain this temperature difference, therefore negating the reason why one would use the tiles for energy in the first place.

Our solution to this problem is to use molten salt. A key feature of molten salt is that it retains heat well, making it a practical option for applications of solar energy. Thermoelectric generators and molten salt have the potential to work well together. If used with proper insulation and improved equipement, the combination of molten salts and Peltier tiles has the potential to create a long-lasting electric generator. Our setup generated 0.414W, which is not bad considering our rough setup and the overall cost of materials being so cheap. We are currently working on improving the efficiency of our generator so that a higher output can be produced.