The ABC Bandage
Ernest Lam
Richmond Christian School
Floor Location : S 075 H

The purpose of this experiment is to test the theoretical possibility of an improved soaker bandage for usage in first aid through the addition of an absorbent, natural, and biodegradable polymer. A piece of the polymer, one square inch in size, was created using the peels of two full oranges. After the oranges were cleaned and peeled, they were split into two piles: one to be baked and crushed into a fine powder, and one to be boiled into a rich citrus pectin. When both materials had been extracted, they were combined and baked once again to form the compound referred to in this experiment as the “Orange Pectin-Powder compound”. Through testing, it was discovered that the bandage with the Orange Pectin-Powder compound was able to retain significantly more water compared to a similar cotton bandage without the compound, and a soaker pad found in a commercial first aid kit. The results of this experiment are significant enough to allow consideration for further development a such product; an improved soaker bandage can in fact be created through the addition of a simple, eco-friendly compound, and if properly developed and improved on, can bring a large impact on how medical first responders are able to deal with injuries in an emergency situation.