The AI Perception Challenge
Arjun Johal, Finn Ghosh-Leudke
Britannia Community Secondary, Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : J 117 F

The inspiration for the AI Perception Challenge came from the growing power of artificial intelligence, and its future effects on humanity. It was designed to examine how people perceive the difference between computers and humans, which eventually resulted in asking this question, “Can humans perceive the difference between artificial and organic intelligence?” This idea for the AI Perception Challenge, presented the following hypothesis that needed to be proved. The hypothesis is, “If Mitsuku is convincing as a human, then 50% of the people that are testing it will assume that it is a human being”. Once the hypothesis was crafted, the study began. In the test, participants had two text conversations with two entities (AI and Human) and were asked their opinion regarding which conversation was human at the end of the study. Out of the 50 people that participated in the AI Perception Challenge, the younger participants were less likely to be fooled by the machine. This data shows that those who are raised amongst technology have a better awareness of its power. Moreover, this study has proved its original hypothesis with the majority of the participants believing that the AI was human, specifically 52%. The other 48% believed that the “human conversation” was with a human being, which was correct.