Rishi Upath, Zach Wong
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : J 166 N

Harvesting Radio waves can be the next eco-friendly energy source. Although hydro, wind and solar energy are great, we wanted to create a perpetual source of energy that does not rely on weather and does not need to be placed in a specific and strategic location. Weather is not in the control of humans, and power plants near rivers can be harmful to the environment. Radio Waves enable power generation that does not depend on the weather or the time of day, this allows the device to placed in a wide range of areas. Although, radio harvesting will not work in less populated places because the device will not work without cell phone towers, wifi routers and other radio wave creating devices. However, a big limitation to this renewable energy source is that radio waves do not consistently carry the same amount of voltage because of the different times people are using devices. Radio waves also don’t contain a large amount of voltage and will need “boosters” that can create a larger amount of radio waves to produce a stronger electrical signal. With further development, we can conclude that harvesting radio frequencies can be the future of environment friendly electrical sources.