Sweeter Than Yesterday
Sarah Seto, Katia Deyneko
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : J 167 H

Many people of different ages around the world with diabetes suffer everyday with the burden and pain of shooting a lancet into their fingers to test blood glucose levels. Not only is this method painful way of checking glucose levels, throwing away numerous plastic and metal lancets can be both harmful to the environment and to children, so we thought: What product can we invent and experiment with that will accurately measure blood glucose levels without penetrating skin? We started our research on other products that have already been made, and in the end we came up with a unique, original, idea: Could we use the resistance of skin ions to test blood glucose levels? We tested numerous different concentrations of glucose and water (to simulate blood) by the means of resistance on a commercial multimeter. We also used different skin simulators to help our experiment be more realistic. We conducted several experiments to fix and alter sources of error. We found out that the patterns of resistance for different concentrations of glucose is consistent. Compared to the commercial product we worked with for control, our product will be safer and will promote painless testing of blood glucose levels. We are working towards a functioning prototype.