Lucie Li
Sir William Osler Elementary
Floor Location : J 168 N

Umbrellas break very easily. Over one billion umbrellas are thrown away every year. The purpose of this project was to find a way to improve the dollar store umbrella and make it windproof, in order to prevent waste and pollution. Components from multiple other designs, like the Cypress and the Gustbuster, were combined with original elements in order to create an improved design. A modified wind vent, guarded tips, filled pins, and reinforced ribs were all crucial parts in the improved umbrella design. A wind test was conducted in order to see how much wind would pass through the wind vents. The front of the wind vent, the back of the wind vent and a solid cardboard circle, the control, were attached to wheels and blown through a wind tunnel. The longer it took, the more wind passed through. The back of the wind vent took the longest, successfully releasing the most air. The front of the wind vent, meant to keep wind out, was second, and solid cardboard in last. The improved design was also found to be significantly less costly than the other solutions on the market. The next time it's a rainy day and the winds are strong, you won't have to worry. This time, you have the Cinderbrella.