Nailing (the Issue with) Nail Polish
Gaia Fameli
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 176 H

In my experiment I investigated whether different types of nail polishes (regular nail polish and gel nail polish) affect one's fingernails. By constructing an experiment to address this question, I can conclude in which way nail polishes affect a person’s fingernails. Observations from this experiment could educate people that were not aware of possible effects of nail polish on the health of fingernails, positive or negative.
In this experiment I measured the hardness and pliability of nail clippings of different individuals all being a variety of nail polish users which had different nail polishes applied to them. I measure the hardness using a shore scale A durometer and the pliability using a jig I constructed which measured the angle of deflection by which nails would bend under a given applied weight. Additionally, I measured the hardness and pliability of nail clippings with nail polish remover alone without the prior use of nail polish in order to determine weather the nail polish or the nail polish remover was at fault.
I concluded that nail polish remover may be at fault for the weakening of nails. By using nail polish there-bye using nail polish remover you may impact your nail's strength in a negative way.