Conditioner, Does It Strengthen Your Hair
Isabella Pavan
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 179 H

In this experiment the goal was to find if hair conditioner affected the strength of a strand of hair and which ingredients in these conditioners contributed to the strengthening effect. A single strand of untreated hair was removed from a sample subject and tested using a pull-type spring scale. The spring scale measured in grams and Newtons. This was done with 10 hairs so that an average could be made for the un-treated hairs of the sample subject. The average was 40.5 grams of force. Then another hair was removed and submerged in a small amount of hair conditioner for 30 minutes. 5 hairs were used per conditioner to find an average for that conditioner. This was done for 23 different conditioners, giving me a total of 115 samples. After the experiment the conclusion was that the best strengthening ingredient was shea butter because the conditioners containing shea butter were in the top 5 best scoring of all of the conditioners. The second best ingredient was argan oil and the third was aloe vera extract. There was one conditioner that performed extremely poorly, I believe this was the case because it was made to care for dandruff and scalp irritations and I tho the medical ingredients they used in the conditioner we’re not very beneficial towards strengthening the hair.