Rooting for Growth
Anastasia Adamchuk
Moscrop Secondary
Floor Location : J 201 V

For the science fair, I decided to test whether different liquids (coffee mixed with water, milk mixed with water, sugar dissolved in water, and carbonated water) influence the growth of radishes (Easter Egg II Blend), and in what way. I predicted that the plants watered by carbonated water would be influenced in the most beneficial way, due to carbonated water having high amounts of macronutrients necessary for plant growth.
For the first week, I watered all the plants with water, to let them germinate before I tested the liquids on them. After the seven days, I recorded their height, the number of leaves they had, and how supported they were. For the next 11 days, I watered them with the various liquids assigned to the containers. I took pictures daily for 11 days.
After a total of 18 days I recorded the plants’ height, amount of leaves they had, and how supported they were. I also uprooted the plants and examined their roots.
The plants watered with water were the tallest and had the fastest growth rate. Plants watered with sugar mixed with water died after one day of watering them. The plants watered with milk had roots that started to rot. The plants watered with coffee were short and had a yellowish tint to them. The plants watered with carbonated water had the second fasted growth rate (after water) and were the greenest out of all the plants. They were very supported and sturdy as well.
As a result, my hypothesis was proven to be correct; plants watered with carbonated water were the healthiest, due to the variety of macronutrients in carbonated water required for beneficial plant growth.