The best way to take a hockey wrist shot
Massimo Fazio
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 202 D

My question is “What is the most effective way to take a hard and accurate hockey wrist shot?”. I tested the variables stick flex, stick position, and puck placement. I took twenty five shots at every possible combination of the three variables I tested. This was a total of eight treatments (center toe, center heel, back toe, and back heel with both the 65 and 70 flex sticks) resulting in a total of 200 shots. The data was then inputted into Excel so I could statistically analyze it to determine what is the most effective way to take a hard and accurate wrist shot. Using the advice of my advisor, I chose to analyze this data using a statistical test called the chi square test to confirm whether these observed results were statistically significant. A chi square test is a way of analyzing data and finding out whether there is significant correlation in the data - whether two or more variables are associated or independent. Chi-square describes the magnitude of the discrepancy in the data. To visually demonstrate my data, I chose to use column graphs as well as box and whisker plots. The column graphs are directly linked the chi square tests and the box and whisker plots demonstrate the range of speeds vs the flex, puck position and stick position. Using this statistical analysis I determined that the variables influencing speed were flex and puck placement and the variable influencing accuracy was flex.