What's All The Buzz About Caffeine?
Beck Morissette
Island Pacific School
Floor Location : J 227 H

Have you ever wondered how caffeine affects you? If you drink coffee or someone you know does then this is the place for you. My goal is to find out caffeine's effects on your memory. I have always been fascinated by people drinking caffeine. How does it affect you? Why do people like it so much? I have also loved learning about the human brain and how it responds to different things. I decided to combine my two interests into a question that needs to be solved.

The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether consuming caffeine will affect your short term memory. It could enhance your memory or could decrease your memorization ability. People drink coffee in their everyday life so if this really does affect your mind, people should know about it.

I used a group of fellow students, giving them each Coca Cola with and without caffeine. I will wait 30-60 minutes before showing subjects a series words for them to after write down as many as they can remember. I will repeat this again with water as a control.

My hypothesis is If my test subjects have caffeine then I think that it will enhance their memory. Caffeine is a stimulant which increases activity in your brain, so it should help someone in the short term.

To conclude my results were inconclusive. There were small changes in my average overall results, but not enough to match my hypothesis. There were slightly larger changes in my individual results, but not by a lot. I did get a lot of information about the placebo effect and I how many ideas about what I would change if I did this test again.