Shower Power
Charlotte Oleksyn
Britannia Community Secondary
Floor Location : M 023 N

For my project, I considered all the things we waste every day, such as the water that goes down the drain. How could I use waste water to produce power? My research question was: Can I use the wasted water from showers to produce power? I will build a water turbine connected to a DC motor, under a shower drain. As the water goes down the drain, it will spin the turbine, and produce volt power. I tried many alternations and experiments including: changing the time it takes to pour 1L of water down the drain; the size of the funnel that the water drains through; and the number of spoons on the turbine. I also tried several types of plastic for the overall structure, leading me to choose corrugated plastic for my structure. To measure the power that was produced, I used an Ammeter to measure the amount of power produced in volts. I proved that the turbine produces the most power when a wider funnel with high velocity water running through it is used in the drain. I proved that shower waste water can be used to produce power. This concept can also be applied to sink, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. My project was successful!