Magnetic Ceiling
Viktor Glogovac
Heritage Woods Secondary
Floor Location : M 057 N

The purpose of my project was to build the strongest electromagnet for a magnetic ceiling. You might ask, why a magnetic ceiling? I got the idea that the ceiling is the most underused space in a home. I also realized that many families are lacking the amount of space for a storage. So, I built a magnetic ceiling that would give people extra storage space in their homes. I researched to find the best electromagnet design for our project.
I researched different ways of modifying electromagnets by determining which independent variables needed to be modified such as the amount of loops a magnet could have, the voltage of the batteries, and the diameter of the cores. I bought three sets of three iron screws. Each set had a different diameter core of 1cm, 0.8cm, and 0.5 cm. I looped a different amount of loops in each set at 100 loops, 200 loops and 300 loops. I changed the amount of voltage every time to see which would give the largest and strongest magnetic field. I used a 9V, 6V and 1.5V batteries.
I found out that the output of the voltage depended on the diameter of the core of the magnet. My hypothesis was right that the largest core created the strongest force and that increasing the number of loops produced a longer and stronger magnetic field.
The problem that I had to encountered with was that the wire I used was too thin. Therefore, I repeated the experiment with a thicker wire and a thick core with 120 loops. The magnet was vastly stronger than with a thinner wire. If I did this experiment again, I would use more cores and would do more loops with the thicker wire magnet to get a more specific answer. This experiment was a great way for me to learn more about electromagnets, because I never thought about magnetism in such an interesting way and I learned about the experimental procedure.