Camera Oriented Autonomous Robot for Waste Collection
Yixuan Pan
Collingwood School
Floor Location : M 079 N

Are you tired of getting up early in the morning only to put the garbage bins outside for collection after going to bed late the night before? Are you tired of rushing out with the garbage bins only to find the garbage truck already leaving your driveway? Are you tired of getting home late only to find a $500 ticket on the garbage bin you put out early in the morning? Well, I certainly am. This has prompted me to design, build, and create a robot which can take the garbage bin outside by itself on the garbage collection day and bring the bin back once the garbage has been collected. My goals for the robot were as follows: to make it function on a set date and time; to open the garage door by itself; to pull out the garbage bin to its targeted location, using colour or image recognition; to stop, with the bin, at the targeted location and wait until the garbage is cleared; after garbage removal, to pull the garbage bin back inside the garage and close the garage door. To design this robot, I tested out various sensors to find the best ones to use in order to help the robot navigate its garage-to-roadside, sidewalk or driveway environment. Next, I used SolidWorks 3D design software to design multiple chassis for the robot and then 3D printed them. Using my printed chassis, I assembled the robot and coded the robot's functions, testing them to see if the components worked as intended. Finally, I replaced all the components that weren't functioning optimally and modified the chassis to make the robot work as intended. This robot can solve the problem of bringing out garbage bins for those who are late night workers, early morning workers, on vacation, or just simply forgetful. It can free people from interrupting their day to do the simple but repetitive work of putting the garbage bin out 104 times every year. At this stage, the trash-bot can pull garbage bins with a total weight of up to 6kg. While further developments will target increases in load-bearing capacity, this robot has met my design criteria.