Metallurgy Mayhem
Kyle Brent
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : M 085 N

Metallurgy Mayhem teaches players about several metals of the periodic table, including their chemical symbols, ores and extraction methods, alloys, and common uses. This game explores concepts in the BC Science Curriculum using the concept of integrated tests to extend student learning beyond simple rote memorization. Players are free to roam the board, explore various biomes, mine for different minerals, and forge weapons and tools in a quest to conquer all. Along the way, players learn about the different attributes and properties of each metal, and the various alloys that could be crafted to optimize their application. To keep the game fun as well as educational, players are given the option to battle unique monsters with different attributes, as well as attack each other to fight for the last man standing. Alliances can be formed or broken to ensure a multitude of outcomes and ways to play. This project will additionally examine game design elements such as conceptual development and user tests. Various user tests were completed to develop this game so that it could reach a diversity of learners and their learning needs. Finally, many design cycles have been utilized for the purpose of playability, examining how this game can reach the largest audience while maintaining enthusiasm and purpose for a larger scope of students, teachers, and game-enthusiasts alike.