Sticky Business
Colton Baker, Daebren Polehoyke
Britannia Community Secondary
Floor Location : M 088 N

Have you ever wondered if using magnets and glue could hold more weight than just glue because of its natural bond to metal? This project looks at how much weight the same ratios of glue and magnets can hold at different quantities and test if magnets can change that tensile strength which was measured using gram weight sets. We attached a mending plate that the glue or the magnetic paste was applied to, to a metal rod, we than measure its tensile strength. Our hypothesis was that the magnet would hold way more weight than just glue but our experiment did not support that. Our experiment however, showed that the magnet if placed on top of glue would ‘absorb’ it, (as we saw in our qualitative observation) leaving the metal without any glue to stick to or the magnetic paste (that was made for some of our tests) dry. We realized for this not to happen we needed to make the amount of magnet shavings and the amount of glue the same and from there on, increased the ratio of glue and magnets. Our data concluded that it did significantly decreased the tensile breaking strength with all the same ratios of magnet and glue at any quantity.