Chew On This! To Brighten, To Un-Plaque, To Enlighten
Angela Lee
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : M 089 N

Have you ever woken up late? Have you ever dashed to school or work faster than the Flash? Have you ever skipped brushing your teeth properly? Did you know that 1 in 3 millennials do not brush their teeth? If you have, then this innovation is perfect for you! For this science fair, I have made a specially-designed gum that will remove plaque. I used coke as the form of plaque, (considering the huge amounts of sugar in a single 355ml can, 39g of sugar, and other factors,) and using gum arabic as the base for the gum. The ingredients I have used include cornstarch, coconut oil, corn syrup, stevia, gum arabic, baking soda, and water. You may notice that all these ingredients are easy to find, and available in grocery stores. This is because I wished for my gum to be affordable, accessible, and homemadable. That way, people do not need to go out and buy gum, but can make it themselves, and even change the ingredient ratios to their specific tastes if necessary. (However the one used for this innovation is highly recommended.) After some background research, I decided to replace sugar with stevia, and gum base with gum arabic. This is because diabetic people will be able to use my gum as well. Stevia is known to lower blood pressure levels, despite it being sweeter than sugar. Furthermore, stevia does not ferment like sugar, helping remain tooth enamel. Gum base is hard to find, so I decided to use gum arabic powder, which can be found on Amazon or at Walmart. However in the end, it turns out that gum arabic does not give the satisfying ‘chew’ that gum base gives. The overall project includes making the gum, testing it, and comparing the results to toothpaste and regular gum. I made a scale to measure how well each egg in each group did. (There were a total of 18 eggs, 6 in the toothpaste group, 6 in the new gum group, and 6 in the original gum group.) In the end, the results showed that this new gum can rival toothpaste in removing plaque. Regular gum is out of the question, with an average of only 47.08 out of 100, it did not pass. The toothpaste group’s results came to 73.75 average, and the new gum received a 69.79. The scores may seem low, but even toothpaste cannot do a perfect job in removing plaque after 24 hours. The scores were based off of colour, speed of results, coke residue, and the size of span covered. Overall, the new gum did pretty well in terms of cleaning the coke (‘plaque’) off the eggshells (‘teeth’) and leaving little residue behind. To sum it up, with more research and experimentation, this gum can be brought towards society to help.