An Oily Opportunity
Owen Ebose , Owen Hawes
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 096 V

Currently, our world faces a huge energy problem. The methods of energy production currently in place are causing extreme environmental damage, and have lead to issues such as global warming, and ozone depletion. However, there is hope. Alternative energy is energy that is derived from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources, and has the potential to replace common methods of energy production. For our project we decided to test whether or not used cooking oil, which is abundant and would otherwise go to waste, can be used to create an alternative energy called biodiesel. To test this we built a biodiesel, processor which we used to convert three different types of oils into biodiesel. We found that each of the oils were able to produce an efficient amount of oil, at a low cost, and at a reasonable rate. Most interestingly, we found that the Canola oil was the most efficient. This is due to the fact that it is unsaturated, and remains liquid at low temperatures. In the end, we found that used cooking oil can be used as an efficient alternative energy source, and has the potential to change the energy industry. Upon improvement of the processor we built we can create an even more efficient energy source with a faster rate of production. Our hypothesis was correct, and we may be able to save the environment with this new discovery!