Renewable Hydro Electricity Generation from Tap Water
Pravnoor Mundra
St John's School
Floor Location : M 129 E

Imagine how many hours a year you spend washing your hands. All the water flowing from your tap is potential energy that could not be harnessed, however with this hydro electric generator, water can be harnessed through the plumbing under the faucet. This way the generator doesn’t interfere with regular use (no part interferes with the sink/faucet and allows you to use as a normal sink/faucet) or flow of water and at the same time is able to produce enough volts (12v on average) to charge a power bank and lighting. I started the experiment with a brushed motor and realized that it could not be water proofed as there are always moving parts which touch each other. I moved on to a brush-less motor, which uses electromagnets and thus can be water proofed as there is no direct contact between parts. So I used a brush-less DC motor attached to a water wheel that is encased in plastic material to have a constant water pressure.
While only a prototype, this generator could be implemented into apartments, houses and even showers and could possibly do all the electrical of the entire washroom. This concept could be seen as an insight into the future of renewable energy and modern house concept.