Movement and Design Studies of a 3D Printing Robot
Ethan Fraser
Independent or Home Schooled
Floor Location : S 048 N

3D printing is currently being explored for making large objects such as buildings, but they have limited print size capabilities. This is because the printer needs to be constructed around the object that is being printed. I conceptualized a system that allows for large objects of potentially complex shape to be printed using many smaller mobile 3D printers that crawl along the edge of the print. For this project I decided to focus on the robot movement.

The project started by coming up with a design that could move in any direction and use the printed structure to navigate. From the first design in Fusion 360 (CAD) software the design was modified to to make it work towards the end result. Each change would be tested using mechanical and motion studies within Fusion 360 to see if it was a improvement on the previous version.

The final version is a 3D model of the printer that can navigate along a print in a virtual environment.

Further research would include figuring out how a 3D printing extruder could be added to the vehicle, as well as allowing the vehicle to work with others so a swarm could be used to print an object faster.