Suit of armor
Ian Tse
Vancouver College
Floor Location : S 077 N

The purpose of this project is to create, in essence, a cheap motor powered exoskeleton arm (or more limbs, if time permits) that can be worn relatively comfortably by the user and help assist in their movements so that if they, for example, want to lift something heavy, the device will make the job easier. Such a device could be used in any job that potentially requires heaving lifting, such as firefighters and construction workers, and can also be applied to people with medical issues such as osteogenesis, or even people who are perhaps just old and are in need of outside assistance. The arm will use an Arduino, have an servo motor as well as a pressure sensor for easier control of movement, and be mostly comprised of 3d printed parts to reduce cost. The goals of this project are to make it cheap, to make it easy to replace, easy to assemble and use, for the benefit of the wearer, durable, so that it doesn't break if put in harsh conditions, compact, so it doesn't take up too much space or put the user off balance, comfortable, so that it can be used for long periods of time without being irritating, and look nice, so that it has a greater appeal for users.