"Learning Environment": The Effect of Teaching Methods on Learning
Oliver Burton
West Point Grey Academy
Floor Location : J 001 F

My experiment wanted to find out what was the best material for teaching about environmental issues. I compared similar information being presented as a slideshow, a video and a podcast. For this experiment, I decided to focus on carbon sequestration as the specific environmental issue to teach. I knew that different people have different learning styles, and that appealing to those learning styles would help participants learn. My hypothesis was that the video would perform the best since it appealed to both visual and auditory learners whereas the slideshow and podcast were only directed at visual or auditory learners respectively. To investigate this theory I split participants into three groups and had them each learn using a randomly assigned material. In order to measure their learning, I created a pre-survey and a post-survey to test them on comprehension before and after learning with the materials. I then anonymised the data and marked it using a rubric. My results showed that the video was the most consistently effective; however, if a participant already knew a lot about the subject, the podcast or the slideshow would likely bring them the most benefit. In conclusion, I found that depending on how much you already knew about the subject, a different material would likely be the most helpful