Hungry Hummingbirds
Maddy Blommestein
Independent or Home Schooled
Floor Location : J 008 V

I used a mini computer, called an Arduino, to build a device that kept track of when the hummingbirds visited the feeder and what the temperature, humidity and air pressure were when they did so. I placed the Arduino board along with all of its sensors connected to it into a container that was attached to the bottom of the hummingbird feeder. In order to perform my experiment I would set the hummingbird feeder out every morning, around 8:00 am. Every night, around 6:00 pm, I would bring the feeder back inside to download the data from the memory card to the computer. After gathering data every day for four weeks, I placed the information that I had gathered into separate scatter plots depending on the information I wanted to look at, so that I could analyze the data and look for patterns. My conclusions found that the Anna’s Hummingbirds visit the feeder more frequently during days when the temperature is around 9°C. They also appeared to frequent the feeder when the humidity was approximately 95% and the air pressure between 100 kPa(kilopascals) to 102 kPa.

This information can help people to know what the best weather conditions are for them to set out their hummingbird feeders.