Thirsty For a Solution
Mylo Raffaele-Hamar
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 012 N

Contaminated water is a hazard in many areas in Canada, especially First Nations communities. Lack of access to clean water can cause sickness in individuals that poses a health threat to them. A lack of funding and money means proper filtration systems can not be acquired and other solutions must be developed. Currently, the recommended filter is a POE filter, but with a high cost, many are not able to access it. In this innovation, a cheap water filter that could filter out common contaminants was attempted to be developed. Common contaminants in water include E. Coli and other coliform bacteria, turbidity, chemicals such as lead, and organic matter. The innovation used a mask filter paper, activated carbon, and fine sand to filter out contaminants in the water. The results showed that the innovation was partially effective and removed ≈69% of E. Coli in water as well as eliminating suspended particles. The change in hazardous chemicals was tested for but not applied to the results because the sample water being used for tests did not have lead in it and therefore the lead concentration was 0% in both the filtered and unfiltered water. The results showed that the use of a sand and carbon filter could reduce the amount of contaminants in water, but were not successful enough to be implemented in a home at the current stage. With more research and modification, the effectivity could likely be increased.