Vancouver stream health and salmon populations
Margot Helliwell
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 016 V

I picked 4 Vancouver creeks to use in my project out of all greater Vancouver creeks that still have returning salmon. The purpose of this project is to help the stream-keepers by finding out what people can do to improve the quality of these Vancouver streams. I want to find out what makes the biggest difference for the number of salmon and small or big things we can do to help these fish.  My hypothesis was that the streams farther away the Vancouver citizens and developments would have a higher number of salmon returning to a safer, cleaner, and less disrupted environment. To do this I found one spot on each creek where I was able to walk right to the waters edge. When I arrived  I started by taking notes of surroundings of the stream, the creek bottom, fallen logs, pools, etc. There were some standards the salmon streams were suppose to have so I based my observations on that. Then i measured the velocity and the turbidity so anything that is special about each creek. Then i compared the measurements to the salmon population numbers to find anything that stood out as being different. That helped me to know the best and worse things for the creeks and i came up with ways to improve them.