Electric Defections
Jett Wu
Sir William Osler Elementary
Floor Location : J 053 N

The purpose of this innovation is to help others in need of electrical and circuit safety as many people are stuck in their homes due to COVID-19. Because of lockdown, electrical hazards and fires are much more dangerous. It is hypothesized that the model created will improve the user communication with the model and the cost. The reliability will be slightly worse as the GFCI is mass-produced. The model created was trying to create an alternative to the GFCI and help keep people in the building/house safe from fires. The materials used consisted of a metal probe, plastic PTFE plates, and some components from the ELEGOO super starter pack such as the 4-digit display and controller boards. ELEGOO is an alternative to Arduino that shares similar coding materials at a cheaper price with the same reliability. Once constructed, the model was tested, comparing its cost, reliability, and other aspects to previous technology such as the GFCI. The model is a box constructed from steel plates with a metal probe measuring the temperature, and an LED display to show the temperatures recorded. The cost and user knowledge were improved on this prototype. There are a few issues that have not been ironed out such as the temperature of the building can affect the temperature readings or the metal probe can heat up too much causing the PTFE plastic to melt as this model is not mass-produced and only conceptual at the moment. For future studies, more data can be compiled on how often circuit breakers fault, circuit breakers versus fuses to see if there is a better alternative to circuit breakers and the average occurrence of electrical residential fires.