Audio Math
Kaida Okamura
York House School
Floor Location : J 074 N

It’s vital for all students to have access to an engaging learning environment. Including people with disabilities. Currently, there are very few educational video games for visually impaired students. The goal of Audio Math is to create an engaging educational video game for students with visual impairments. There are 252,000 people in BC and 1.5 million in Canada who identify themselves as having sight loss. People with visual impairments have a heightened sense of smell, hearing, touch, taste, memory and language. Audio Math has taken these senses and created an educational video game that utilizes these senses and turned them into a positive and entertaining learning experience. The game focuses on helping students practice math. However, in the future, the game also hopes to teach students different math skills. The object of the game is to collect instrumental parts by answering math questions to build up your own custom song. Currently, there are 10 levels, but in the future, more levels plan to be added. Every student no matter their background, or whether or not they have a disability deserves to have access to a safe and reliable educational learning platform. The hope of Audio Math is to create one for them.