Does the temperature of a basketball affect the way it bounces?
Evan Pena
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 033 E

This project looks at if the height of the bounce changes, if you add heat to a basketball. Before we even began experimenting with heat, wanted to be as accurate as we could with this particular experiment. So, we used a standard size 7 (29.5”) Toronto Raptors Basketball (the important put was using a standard size basketball while conducing this experiment). We then changed the temperature of the ball by using heated blankets or just placing it outside in the cold. As we altered the temperatures of the basketball with the different levels of heat on the heat blankets (the independent variable), the height of the bounce increased significantly in doing so (the dependent variable). In order to make sure that we were dropping the basketball at the appropriate temperature each time, we used an infrared thermometer to determine the temperature of the basketball, making are project one step ahead of the competition in terms of data. After that, we took a slow-motion video using an iphone XS that was placed still and compared the highest point of the bounce to a meter stick, taped to the wall behind. We tested temperatures of 0,10,20, and 30 degrees Celsius to get a wide range of data. In my opinion believe that we could have used even more temperatures in this experiment and is something that I will do to my future science projects.