Magic Air Filter
Rachel Leong, Devraj Chakraborty
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : S 027 H

In 2020, a gender reveal party caused a series of forest fires lowered the air quality along the West Coast and affected many residents. The ashes of trees burning not only triggers various allergies, but many serious diseases as well. The air quality was at an all time high due to this fire. In many developing countries such as India or China, air pollution is a serious problem. In India alone the death toll starts at a million. Yet many citizens can not afford filtration devices due the high price and unavailability in rural areas . After experimenting and innovating with different materials to find an affordable and eco-friendly air filter, cheesecloth material proved by our team to be the best in filtering fine particles according to the Temtop P600 particle counter. When comparing the cheesecloth data to the control, which was data collected from a fan without any filter, the cheesecloth results surpassed the no filter group by 20.2% for 10 µm and 9% for 2.5 µm particles. The cost of the innovative filter was approximately $30 CAD cheaper than a regular electrostatic filter, and $45 cheaper than a normal High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or HEPA filter. This innovation has the potential to help many internationally.