Rules & Regulations





1.  Projects must be the work of only one student for elementary projects;  pairs projects are acceptable for Grade 7-12 projects only (and both members of a pair must be in attendance for judging).

2.  Projects involving humans or live animals must be approved by the Regional Science Fair committee BEFORE work begins.  For information about project ethics, check further information about animal research ethics, check out:

3.  Project displays at the NWO Regional Science Fair must fit in a space no larger than 1.2m wide x 0.8m deep x 2.5m high (from floor), not overlapping any adjacent desk/project or floor space.  [For information about CWSF display regulations, go to and for safety go to]

4.  Projects are to be displayed anonymously; name & school are not to be visible anywhere on the project.

5.  Students are to keep the project area clean and tidy.

6.  All exhibits entered in the NWO Regional Science Fair must be left on display until the end of the Fair; early removal of the exhibit constitutes removal of the project from competition in the Fair.

7.  It is expected that all students remain with their projects for the entire Main Fair Day during judging and the Open Houses, except for approved & Fair organized activities.

8.  As well, the Awards Ceremony is for all grades 7-12 students and we expect all students, or their representatives, to attend.  Attendance is required for receipt of awards (i.e. no awards will be granted to 'no-shows').

9.  Proper conduct is expected from all participants at all times during this event.