2008 Divisional Award Winners

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Best in Junior Life Sciences

  cash & trophy
    (2129) The Affects of Stress on Concentration
        Student: Nga Pham
        School: Sir Winston Churchill C.V.I. -- grade 7-8

Best in Junior Physical Sciences

  cash & trophy
    (2209) Oxidation
        Student: Abbie Rolf von den Baumen
        School: Holy Saviour

Best in Junior Engineering & Computers

  cash & trophy
    (2401) The Energy Of The Future
        Student: Scott Harris
        School: Crestview P.S.

Best in Junior Earth & Environmental Sciences

  cash & trophy
    (2311) It's Not Easy Being Green
        Student: Elanor Sherlock
        School: Pope John Paul II Sr Elementary

Best in Intermediate Life Sciences

  cash & trophy
    (3109) TEN SECOND RULE
        Student: Matthew Degagne
        School: St. Patrick H.S.

Best in Intermediate Physical & Mathematical Sciences

  cash & trophy
    (3201) Kick the Carbon Crave: Convert CO2 to Fuels
        Student: Tim Rappon
        School: Hammarskjold High School

Best in Intermediate Engineering & Computers

  cash & trophy
    (3402) Gone With the Wind
        Student: Jessica Rodgers
        School: Sir Winston Churchill C.V.I. -- grade 9-12

Best in Intermediate Earth & Environmental Sciences

  cash & trophy
        Student: Jordan Wentzell
        School: Home schooled students