2016 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Award of Excellence

  cash & trophy
    (2304) A Tale of Two Toxins: Will It Be Lead or Sodium Hydroxide that Does In Your Garden?
        Student: Micah Windsor-Freeman
        School: Claude E. Garton

    (2202) Bend It Like Beckham
        Student: Keiran Cochrane
        School: Woodcrest

Intermediate/Senior Award of Excellence

  cash & trophy (sponsored by LU Department of Geology)
    (3401) Interacting With Electronic Devices Using Eye Movements
        Student: Kevin Bai
        School: St. Ignatius S.S.

    (4302) Bio-Waste Derived Carbon for Innovative Water Purification and Metal Extraction
        Student: Jay Chen
        School: Sir Winston Churchill C.V.I. -- grade 9-12