2019 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Award of Excellence

  cash & trophy
    (2106) The Shock Of The Matter
        Student: Jared Pike
        School: Nor'wester View P.S.

    (2201) Chemical Reactions: A Study of the Ability to change the rate of a NaHCO3 chemical reaction
        Student: Harlow Smith
        School: Vance Chapman P.S.

Intermediate/Senior Award of Excellence

  cash & trophy
    (4101) Analysis of Canine Musculoskeletal Injuries from Sled Dog Harness Designs
        Student: Julia Cross
        School: Hammarskjold High School

    (4301) Nipigon River Landslides: An Investigation of Seepage Fluctuation on the Risk of Slope Failures
        Student: Fuyang Deng
        School: Superior Collegiate & Vocational Institute