The PEI Provincial Science Fair – Wednesday, March 27, 2019 

Welcome to the online registration and management system for the Prince Edward Island Science Fair. Using the links on the left the public can register as a participant or register as a judge. Select the 'Login/Register' button and select "I am a participant" on the page that appears.  You will be directed to enter you email address.  A secure authentication number will be sent to your email.  Find that email message and copy the number into the space on the registration page.  Congratulations! you will then have an account.  Select a password that you will remember and your login name will be your email address.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Instructions For Registering Participants

Note to those registering students:  Please read the instructions.

Our fair only requires the “Student Information”, “Project Information” and “Safety Information” sections to be completed. Also, please complete the “Double Check Your Name” page to ensure that we have your correct name.  PLEASE IGNORE THE OTHER PAGES - that extra information is NOT REQUIRED.  The signatures pages are NOT REQUIRED.  Your entry will be listed as "not complete" until the head judge reviews it and closes it.  If there is missing information we will send an email requesting more information.

Do not be concerned if you registration is listed as "incomplete".  It cannot be listed as complete because we are not using the signature page feature.  If you can see that your names, school and project information are present then you are done.

Important: If the computer that you are using is located at a school, please ensure that you use an email address that can be accessed at that school.

Instructions For Registering as a Judge