Peterborough Regional Science Fair

Welcome to the Peterborough Regional Science Fair website for participant and judge registration.  Participants and judges may use this website to register for our fair (this site utilizes the Science Fair in a Box - SFIAB- management system).

To learn more about the Peterborough Regional Science Fair, including project guidelines, prize information, day of the fair organization, and past winners, please visit our promotional website at 

Instructions for Participants: Project Registration

1.  Select the Login/Register button in the left menu to visit the login page.

2.  Select I am a participant to begin the registration process.

3.  Carefully follow the registration instructions, which begins with entering your email address.

If you do not receive an access code via the email address you entered (should arrive almost immediately):
      A. Check your Junk Mail Folder.
      B. Retry these steps- you may have misspelled your email address.

RECOMMENDED: When you reach the project information section, we recommend you first compose your project summary in a word processor, discuss it with your teacher/mentor, and when it is complete, then paste it into the project summary box on this site. Remember that the project summary of all non-primary projects is marked and worth 10% of the project mark.

Instructions for Judges: Judge Registration

1.  Select the Login/Register button in the left menu to visit the login page.

2.  If you have judged our fair before, select: I am a judge and I already have an account

     If you are judging for the first time, select: I am a new judge and would like to register to judge

3.  Follow the instructions on the pages that follow. Regarding passwords for judges:
     New Judges:
     Use the password sent to you in your email invitation to judge (also provided on our promotional website-
     look in the PRSF News section, in the "Judge Registration Open" entry).
     Returning Judges:
     Use the personal password that you set previously for this website.  If you have forgotten your password,
     you may ask this SFIAB website system to email you your password at the login page. 

If you encounter any problems, please e-mail the Peterborough Regional Science Fair SFIAB Webmaster.