Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair E-learning Help

This Section was created to help with the logging into and creating of project accounts, judge setup and the selection of the special awards. We hope that these films will help to answer many of the questions we are asked. These films will also be placed up on our YouTube Channel where they can be viewed as well.


 QRSTF 2017 - April 1st, 2017
 We will be at Loyalist College again. It is an excellent venue for our fair.
 Many new documents are being worked on.
 There are many things you need to know..



These videos have been created to help you to register and enter participants into the system. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Check important date


Teacher Login:

This video details the procedure to login as a teacher and add students to your school If at
any time you can not login please let us know and we can fix it. Make sure all information is accurate.

Participant login and Procedures:

This video details the procedures for a student usually with teacher assistance to login and to add information, complete the project abstract. correct any information and to print out the permission page.

Specialty Awards:

This video describes the process to login and select the specialty awards. These awards may be attributed to you by your teacher, a committee member, or a judge.


Judges Login and Procedure

This video is for Judges to login and complete the registration process and to give us a clear understanding of your areas of expertise and the areas you wish to judge.



 New handbook that must be read.v57 It will answer many of the questions that participants, teachers and parents wanted answered.  Participants Registration Manual

Remember to check all important dates and documents


   A new handbook for new Judges (Alpha version .18) to help you to work through the process thoroughly.

 Registration Procedure Document 2017

New E-Learning Videos

1. How to Login in as a         Teacher

2. Participant Login Help

3. How to Select the             Special Awards

4. How to Login in as a         Judge

 No Electrical outlets will be provided and you must follow guidelines on the use of any electricity.

  No Ingestion projects. CWSF has asked that you avoid starting any projects that involve the ingestion of anything. (human experiments)

  All animal experiments (vertebrate and non vertebrate)  need to be approved prior to being eligible for the science fair. 


   The World of QRSTF - A mosaic created from pictures selected from all the QRSTF pictures over the last 3 years.

    BLOG (the many years of CWSF and QRSTF)

  Our Constitution 2017


Please remember to read all documents and if your are planning to do an experiment that involves anything that is living please contact us first and will help you with the paperwork and completing your project. 

Contact US



 @  QRSTF 2017