2017 Grand Award Winners

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Award of Excellence - Best Grade Six Project

  Best Grade 6 Project
    (1202) Organic or Not Organic That is the Question
        Student: Landon Lachance
        School: Pine View

RCRSTF - Award of Excellence

  Trip to Canada Wide Science Fair
    (3301) Natural Insulin Supplement as a Novel Method to Reduce the Effects of Sundowning in AD
        Student: Zwetlana Rajesh
        School: Home School

    (2403) Power of the Sun
        Student: Murron McCafferty
        School: Pine View

    (2501) Are You Eating Your Fleece?
        Student: Clara Biernacki
        School: Highview

    (2202) Does Your Nose Know?
        Student: Jaime Fletcher
        School: Highview