2019 Grand Award Winners

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Award of Excellence - Best Grade Six Project

  Best Grade 6 Project
    (1108) Cold Creamy Chemistry
        Student: Jenna Schison
        School: Eganville

    (1107) He Shoots, It Slides
        Student: Logan Heideman
        School: St. James

RCRSF Grand Prize

  Trip to Canada Wide Science Fair
    (3501) Taking Flight
        Student: Jessica Yemen
        School: Valour School

    (3301) CPR Model #2
        Student: Bridgit Bennett-Delorme
        School: Fellowes H.S.

    (2401) Can the Past Power the future?
        Student: Alison Hyatt
        School: Cobden

    (2302) Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Diabetes Early
        Student: Aaryan Harshith
        School: Highview