2011 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Prizes

  Bronze ($40 cash)
    (1201) La pollution lumineuse
        Student: Holly Ayles
        School: Bliss Carmen Middle School

    (1103) Hand Soap
        Students: Emma Morrison , Dana Ghanem
        School: Bliss Carmen Middle School

    (1210) Gravel vs. Sand
        Students: Alex Hallihan , Riley Donovan
        School: Blackville School

    (1205) 3,2,1, Blast Off!
        Student: Logan Jessop
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1208) Slip Slidin' Away
        Student: Jennifer McEathron
        School: Dr. Losier Middle School

    (1116) Living Roofs
        Student: Nevan Barar
        School: Bessborough School

    (1222) Lungs... Fill Em' Up!
        Student: Tyler Carroll
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1122) The Plants Have Ears
        Student: Akua Agyare
        School: Florenceville Middle School

    (1124) Can You Drink Pond Water: How Effective Are Bio-Sand Water Filters?
        Student: Margaret Meed
        School: Hartland Community School

  Silver ($60 cash)
    (1219) Compare les systemes de chauffage conventionnelle et geothermique
        Student: Colin Williams
        School: George Street Middle School

    (1104) When Glucose is Stable Kids are More Able
        Student: Rachael Burtt
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1106) Cigarettes: "Killers" That Travel In "Packs"
        Student: Curran Daley
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1114) Are you an early bloomer?
        Students: Lyndsey Young , Phoebe Cooper
        School: Bessborough School

    (1115) Bacteria for Dummies
        Students: Kate Gingles , Emma Bowser
        School: Bessborough School

    (1213) Gauss Rifle
        Student: Corey Dickinson
        School: Woodstock Middle School

  Gold ($80 cash)
    (1202) Mop It Up
        Student: Lucas Emery
        School: Bliss Carmen Middle School

    (1109) LOOK INTO MY EYES- Reading the Mind in the Eyes
        Student: Olivia Hamilton
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1230) No Bull About It!
        Student: Lyndsay Jay-Keating
        School: Harkins Middle School

Senior Prizes

  bronze ($40 cash)
    (2103) Mussel Sustainability
        Student: Morgan Luce
        School: Bathurst High School

    (2104) Cleaning up the Facts on Hand Sanitation
        Students: Caleb Bell , Jeseon Back
        School: Bathurst High School

    (2206) Hexavalent Chromium and Fluoride Analysis
        Students: Travis Rutherford , Kent Beattie
        School: Leo Hayes High School

  silver ($60 cash)
    (2203) Saving the World: CO2 Absorption
        Students: Andrew Mathis , Jade Yhap
        School: Fredericton High School

    (2201) Chlorine Analysis
        Students: Tyler Trask , Scott Wallace
        School: Leo Hayes High School

  gold ($80 cash)
    (2102) Perceptions of Obesity (EMIC)
        Student: Neha Siddhartha
        School: Miramichi Valley High School