2016 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Prizes

  Bronze ($40 cash)
        Student: Kate Sipprell
        School: Perth-Andover Middle School

    (1205) Hot Cubes Cool Times
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1201) Electromagnet
        Student: Natasha Imbeault
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1211) Blowin' in the Wind
        Student: Katherine Rogers
        School: Superior Middle School

        Student: Morgan Greene
        School: Florenceville Middle School

    (1219) DIY Zamboni
        Student: William Woods
        School: Nelson Rural School

    (1116) L'effet de pluie acide sur les plantes
        Students: Zachary Graham , Duncan Christie
        School: Nackawic Middle School

    (1110) The Effects of Music on Emotion
        Student: Abigail Noble
        School: Hartland Community School

    (1114) The Power of Exercise
        Student: Lily Glazier
        School: Miramichi Rural School

  Silver ($60 cash)
    (1224) How Temperature Affect the Conductivity and Resistance of metal
        Student: Cynthia Cui
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1106) Seeing Is Believing
        Student: Alley MacDonald
        School: Moncton Christian Academy

    (1120) Can You Be Smarter?
        Student: Olivia Kenny
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1101) Science of Persuation
        Student: Vanshika Khaitan
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1207) Solar Collectors, Stick It Where The Sun "DOES" Shine
        Student: Tara Gover
        School: Superior Middle School

        Students: Allison Orr , Kylie Gayler
        School: Riverview East School

  Gold ($80 cash)
    (1208) Wingin' It
        Student: Elsa Cunnison
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1212) Body Mass Index - Blood Pressure Inspector App
        Student: Tom Wielemaker
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1227) No Need for the Bead
        Student: Shannon Bowes
        School: Dr. Losier Middle School

Senior Prizes

  bronze ($40 cash)
    (2203) Golf Ball Launch
        Student: Gavin Burtt
        School: Oromocto High School

  silver ($60 cash)
    (2101) Color & Personality
        Students: Nigel Sood , Mackenzie Deas
        School: Oromocto High School

  gold ($80 cash)
    (2207) A Novel Approach to Stock Analysis Using Least Squares Regression Formulae
        Students: Ishwar Desai , Daren Liang
        School: Fredericton High School