2018 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Prizes

  Bronze ($40 cash)
    (1225) Rust Buster
        Student: Rayne Scott
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1222) The Sound Of Light
        Student: Alicia Gammon
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1105) Cleaning: Its A Matter Of Life Or Death!
        Student: Grace Agnew
        School: Bessborough School

    (1204) Les Cuilleres Mangeables
        Students: Emily Tanton , Ashlyn Bourgeois
        School: Riverview East School

    (1102) Waste Not, Want Not!
        Students: Sophia Kydd , Grace Forsythe
        School: Northrop Frye School

    (1208) Home Insulation Evaluation
        Student: George Rautenbach
        School: Moncton Christian Academy

    (1221) Energie Des Vagues
        Students: Claire Weber , Kyla Carter
        School: Riverview East School

  Silver ($60 cash)
    (1218) Ne fait pas des vagues
        Student: Abigale Morrison
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1206) Win-Win Spin
        Student: Quinn MacAskill
        School: Marshview Middle School

    (1209) Microfibers
        Student: Lily Glazier
        School: Miramichi Rural School

    (1103) Operation Air
        Students: Cassidy Thibodeau , Ella Crowley
        School: Northrop Frye School

    (1207) Does It Blow
        Student: Simon Scott
        School: Superior Middle School

  Gold ($80 cash)
    (1215) Concussion Catastophe: An Innovative Helmet Design to Reduce Concussions.
        Students: Charlie Preston , Ethan English
        School: Keswick Ridge School

    (1223) Biomedical Manipulator
        Student: Kendyl Daley
        School: Superior Middle School

        Students: Angus McDonnell , Ben Todd-Sweezey
        School: George Street Middle School

Senior Prizes

  bronze ($40 cash)
    (2102) Cow Feeding 101
        Students: Reilly Riordon , Shaughnessy Riordon
        School: Bathurst High School

    (2209) Rock n Learn
        Students: Dalton Steeves , Emma Holmden
        School: Caledonia Regional High School

    (2218) Alarm Clock for the hearing impaired
        Students: Madeleine Platt , Jakob Brinson
        School: Moncton High School

  silver ($60 cash)
    (2204) SmartWash 2.1
        Student: Grayson Harris
        School: James M. Hill Memorial High School

    (2109) Getting Ticked Off With Climate Change
        Students: Sarah Mellish , Nathan Riley
        School: Riverview High School

  gold ($80 cash)
    (2111) Finding Antagonistic Bacteria to control Verticillium Dahliae
        Student: Dhanishta Ambwani
        School: Leo Hayes High School