2019 Divisional Award Winners

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Junior Prizes

  Bronze ($40 cash)
    (1202) Les Sons de Science
        Student: Jack D'Entremont
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1105) Self Sustaining Ecosystem
        Students: Ally Allaby , Raya Hamilton
        School: Harold Peterson Middle School

    (1213) Voice Controlled Robot
        Student: Gary Shao
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

    (1210) Smart Spout
        Students: Hyma Parekh , Sarah Whitney
        School: Max Aitken Academy

    (1215) Hovercraft
        Students: Gabe Deleavey , Drew Shirley
        School: Tobique Valley High School

    (1218) New Wind Turbines Are On The Horizon
        Students: Angus McDonell , Ben Todd-Sweezey
        School: George Street Middle School

  Silver ($60 cash)
    (1201) Chemise en Bois
        Student: Vanessa Goodwin
        School: Florenceville Middle School

    (1204) Dry Ice
        Student: Fiona Nicol
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1206) AI Mower
        Student: Blythen Drysdale
        School: Superior Middle School

    (1104) Getting Old??
        Students: Emma Comeau , Hannah Traer
        School: Nelson Rural School

  Gold ($80 cash)
    (1207) Out of This World
        Students: Helen Li , Sumou Shawesh
        School: Bliss Carman Middle School

        Student: Gavin McLenaghan
        School: Dr. Losier Middle School

Senior Prizes

  bronze ($40 cash)
    (2202) Corbett Brook Water Monitoring System: Testing the Efficiency of Bulrushes
        Student: Kiera Pugh
        School: Fredericton High School

  silver ($60 cash)
    (2103) Cna Yuo Raed Tihs
        Student: Haley Pitre
        School: Bathurst High School

  Gold ($80 cash)
    (2102) Now U See It, Now U Don't
        School: Bathurst High School