2008 Other Award Winners

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University of Ontario Insitute of Technology Innovation Awards

  First Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (125PSJR) Power Tube
        Student: Jacek Kudla
        School: Monsignor Gleason C.S.

  Second Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (159NGSN) The Pandemic Ventilator
        Student: Jeff Graansma
        School: Forest Heights C.I.

Ontario Ministry of Environment - Environmental Innovator Award

  Cash Award ($100 cash)
    (030BTJR) Hot Horse Manure
        Student: Cos Tjeenk Willink
        School: St. John's Kilmarnock

OAML Awards

  First Award - Cash(?) and Certificate
    (060LSJR) Effect of glucocorticoids on nicotine metabolism
        Student: Matt Kirby
        School: Individual Entry

  Second Award - Cash(?) and Certificate
    (116LSIN) Development of the CAM Angiogenesis Assay
        Student: Brian Krug
        School: Individual Entry

Hydro One Energy Ambassador Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (083NGSN) BRIGHT FUTURE of ENERGY:Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
        Students: Pinky Langat , Chris Palmer
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Stepping Stone award

  Cash and Certificate for student(s) plus financial support for region to send an additional student to the Canada-Wide Fair ($100 cash)
    (089PSJR) How much N2O is in your H2O?
        Student: Zach Elgood
        School: Individual Entry