2010 Other Award Winners

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Ontario Ministry of Environment - Environmental Innovator Award

  Cash Award ($100 cash)
    (175BTIN) In-Stream Bioreactor:CH4 Production and Removal
        Student: Zach Elgood
        School: Cameron Heights C.I.

University of Ontario Insitute of Technology Innovation Awards

  First Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (086NGIN) Solar Wind Hybrids
        Student: Daniel Moholia
        School: Cameron Heights C.I.

  Second Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (008PSJR) Estimating PI
        Student: Kelly Dong
        School: Waverly Drive P.S.

OAML Awards

  Certificate ($100 cash)
    (065LSIN) A Proteomics Approach to Identification of a Bioma
        Student: Matt Kirby
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Hydro One Energy Ambassador Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (222NGSN) Solar Juice
        Students: Susie Pan , Hillary Dawkins
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation Stepping Stone Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (020PSJR) Stick it to the Man
        Students: Kevin Peng , Steven Liu
        School: Centennial P.S. - Congregated Class