2010 Special Award Winners

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Stephen J. Little Award for Science Presentation

    (120PSJR) Sound The Alarm!
        Student: Jason Sousa
        School: Forest Glen P.S.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Junior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (020PSJR) Stick it to the Man
        Students: Kevin Peng , Steven Liu
        School: Centennial P.S. - Congregated Class

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Intermediate

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (048PSIN) Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings
        Student: Lisa Brock
        School: Orangeville District S.S.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Senior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (062PSSN) Effect of magnetic field on Ca2Co3 precipitation
        Student: Kayvan Riazi Kermani
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Chem 13 Award

  One year subscription to Scientific American or another scientific journal deemed suitable for the level of the recipient.
    (135LSIN) Plants, Natures Oxygen Factories
        Student: Jessica Johns
        School: Waterloo C.I.